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UNCW - EVS State Enforcement Matrix

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Alabama   No                 ADEM Contacts  
Alaska   No                 DEC Contact Info  
Arizona   No                 ADEQ Contact Info  
Arkansas   No   Notice of Violation Database (S)(D)   Compliance Monitoring             ADEQ Contact Info  
      Consent Administrative Order              
California   No   Final Enforcement Orders Database (S)   News Releases List (t)(1990-2005)   Enforcement Orders Database (S)(1998-2005)   Enforcement Documents List (a)     Final Enforcement Orders List (t) (2000-2004)     Air Enforcement Contact: Paul Jacobs pjacobs@arb.ca.gov  
    Enforcement News Releases List (t) (2001-2005)   Case Settlements Summary List (t)(1990-2005)     News Releases List (t)(1998-2005)     Facilities in Violation Chart      
      Enforcement Advisories List (t) (1984-2005)     Civil Penalties List (a)          
      Annual Enforcement Report (2004)     Final Enforcement Orders List (t)(2001-2005)          
Colorado   No     Enforcement Action Summary List (t) (2001-2005)       Enforcement Advisories and Orders List (t) (2003-2005)        
Delaware   No   Administrative and Civil Environmental Enforcement Actions List (a)               DNREC Enforcement Contact: cbrown@state.de.us  
    Criminal Enforcement Database (S)                
    Violations Database (S)                
    Enforcement Actions Database (S)                
    Enforcement Activity Statistics Chart (1995-2004)                
    Annual Enforcement and Compliance Report (2002)                
Florida   No                  
Georgia   No   Proposed and Executed Enforcement Orders List (S)(1998-2005)               Georgia Environmental Directory  
Hawaii   No                  
Idaho   No                 DEQ Offices  
Illinois   EPA Enforcement Program   Enforcement Order Database and Recent Orders List (S)               IEPA Contact Info  
Indiana   IDEM Office of Enforcement   Enforcement Actions Database (S)(1997-2005)               Office of Enforcement Contact Info  
                  Further Enforcement Contact Info  
Iowa   No                 IDNR Contact Info  
Kansas   No                 KDHE Contact Info  
Kentucky   No                 Kentucky Waste Enforcement Contact Info  
                  Kentucky Regional Office Contact Info  
Louisiana   DEQ Enforcement   Enforcement Actions List (t)(2001-2005)               Louisiana Enforcement Contact Info  
    Settlement Agreements List (t)                
Maine   Enforcement and Compliance                 Air Enforcement Contact  
                  Maine DEP Staff Directory  
                  Main DEP's Enforcement Director Jim Dusch: jim.e.dusch@state.me.us  
Maryland   No   Annual Enforcement and Compliance Reports (2000-2004)               Customer Service Directory (search for Enforcement)  
Michigan   No     Consent Order and Staff Activity Report List   Settled Cases List (D)(1991-2003)     Enforcement Database (S)     Remediation and Redevelopment Enforcement Statistics Chart (1989-2003)    
        Enforcement Database (a)(S)     Significant Cases List (t)(2000-Present)   Significant Cases List (t)(2000-2005)      
Minnesota   No   Summaries of Enforcement Actions List (t)(2000-2005)               Enforcement Information Officer Contact Info  
Mississippi   ECED   Compliance Inspections List (S)(t)(a)         Hazardous Substance Site List (D)       MDEQ Contacts  
Missouri   No       Drinking Water Annual Compliance Report (1998-2004)       Enforcement Actions Chart (a)     MDNR Contact Phone Numbers  
Montana   DEQ Enforcement Division   Enforcement Status Report (2004)               Enforcement Division Contact Information  
    Complaint & Enforcement Case Status Reports (1997-2004)                
Nebraska   No     Compliance and Enforcement Summary Chart             Information Request Email Address: MoreInfo@NDEQ.state.NE.US  
Nevada   No                 Las Vegas Phone and Email List  
New Hampshire   No   Legal Division Enforcement Actions Database (S)               Air Enforcement: Pamela Monroe pmonroe@des.state.nh.us  
                  Hazardous Waste Contact: hwcomp@des.state.nh.us  
                  Solid Waste Contact: swcomp@des.state.nh.us  
                  Legal Unit Contact: legal@des.state.nh.us  
New Jersey   No   Inspection and Enforcement Action Summary Chart                
    Enforcement Actions Database (S)                
    Enforcement Violations Database (S)                
    Compliance Advisories List (S)(t)                
New Mexico   No       Drinking Water Compliance Report (2003)            
New York   DEE                  
North Carolina   No   DENR Compliance Reports (2000-2004)   Civil Penalty Assessment Chart (t)(2000-2005)   Groundwater Enforcement Actions List (t)(2000-2003)     Underground Storage Tank Civil Penalties List (t)(1999-2005)   Solid Waste Civil Penalties Chart (t)(2000-2005)     DENR Contacts  
      Special Orders by Consent (SOCs) List   Water Quality Enforcement Actions List (t)(2000-2004)     Hazardous Waste Civil Penalties List (t)(1999-2005)        
North Dakota   No                 Department of Environmental Health Contacts  
Ohio   No   Enforcement Report (2001)   Final Enforcement Actions List (t)(2003-2005)   Drinking and Ground Water Enforcement Actions List (t)(2000-2004)     Consent Orders List (t)(1999-2005)   Administrative/Enforcement Actions List (t)(2001-2005)     OEPA Contact Info  
    Enforcement Report (2002)     Surface Water Enforcement Actions List (t)(2003-2005)            
    Enforcement Report (2003)                
    News Releases List (t)(1997-2005)                
    Civil Penalties Chart (1993-2002)                
Oklahoma   No                 DEQ Contact List  
Oregon   Office of Compliance and Enforcement   Enforcement Action Summaries List (t)(2000-2004)               OCE Contacts  
    Enforcement Database (S)                
    Notice of Non-Compliance Database (S)                
Pennsylvania   No                 PADEP Phone Directory  
Rhode Island   Office of Compliance and Enforcement   Enforcement Actions Summary List (t)(2000-2005)               DEM Compliance and Enforcement Contacts  
    Annual Acomplishment Summary Report (1999-2004)                
South Carolina   No   Enforcement Activities Summary Report (2002-2005)               Hazardous and Solid Waste Enforcement Contacts  
                  Water Pollution Enforcement Contacts  
South Dakota   No                  
Tennessee   No                 TN Department of Environment and Conservation: Contact Inforamtion  
Texas   No   Annual Enforcement Report (t)(D)(2004)                
    Compliance History Database (S)                
    Monthly Enforcement Reports (t)(D) (1998-present)                
    Monthly Enforcement Reports (t)(D) (1994-1997)                
    TCEQ Chief Clerk's Database (S)                
    Pending Enforcement Actions (S)(D)                
Utah       Compliance Activities Report (2003-2005)              
      Summaries of Notices of Violation List (t)(1999-2002)              
      Summaries of Settlement Agreements List (t)(1999-2002)              
Vermont   No   Enforcement Press Release List(t)(2000-2005)                
    Enforcement Actions List (t)(1997-2003)                
Virginia   Office of Enforcement   Current Consent Orders List (2005)               Virginia DEQ: Enforcement Contacts  
    Final Administrative Orders List                
Washington   No   Penalty Summary List (t)(1999-2005)                
West Virginia   Environmental Enforcement Office   Enforcement Activities Chart (2005)               Waste Management Enforcement Contact Info  
                  Enforcement Office Contact Info  
Wisconsin   No                 Bureau of Air Management Contact Info  

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